Thursday, 21 October 2010

Other boating blogs are available

Of course you knew that. Naturally I have a few favourites and friends whose doings I like to follow, but rather than list them all here (and risk offending those I miss out; I do worry about such things) I avail myself of the service Mike kindly provides at Zulu Warrior. No matter that Zulu's doings haven't been updated for a while, Mike's comprehensive boaty blog roll automatically lists in order of updatedness (sometimes it takes a few minutes and/or a refresh, but it does). Thus I can just scroll down and see which of my faves and friends has updated since I last had a good session and click straight through. Occasionally my eye will be caught by someone else's arresting title and I'll take a glance at one I haven't read before. And sometimes my eye is struck by a title so un-arresting I just have to look. This one certainly delivers exactly what it promises!


  1. Well he is a clinical psycologist :)


  2. I usually go to nb Debdale's fine site: to see what's what in boatworld. But I see no-one seems to know about Tony's 'nb Universe' blog which is charmingly sub-titled " The oblogatory blig" ;-)


  3. I tend to go to sites like that that have all the info about who updated. I have my own list but I rarely actually navigate from it...

  4. i should check it out after i reading your comment.