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Monday, 6 April 2020


As I've been doing to housework to random selections from my meagre CD collection, a playlist for 'the current situation' started forming in my mind. So far there are only three songs (I limited myself only to tracks I actually own) but in the spirit of the Herbies' musical quiz, I thought I'd throw it open to everyone. The only rule is that you have to actually own the record (tape or CD). That'll stop it getting so up to date that I don't recognise anything.

So, so far I have We'll Go No More A-Roving - I was listening to Leonard Cohen's version, but I'm pretty sure I also have it by the Pogues, and The Band's You Ain't Going Nowhere (which I have on vinyl, nah!)

Top of the charts, unless of course you know different, must be Bella Hardy's Emmot's Song, a cheerful little ditty about self-isolation seventeenth century style, which is pretty much the same as now, except you stand to get the black death, and you can't text your boyfriend to cancel your date.

So, throw in your ideas and when we get to ten I'll post a list.


  1. Coo, this is hard. All that springs to mind right now is Prison Cell Blues by Blind Lemon Jefferson which has a semi appropriate verse :

    I'm getting tired of sleeping in this lowdown lonesome cell
    Lord, I wouldn't 've been here if it had not been for Nell
    I asked the government to knock some days off my time
    Well, the way I'm treated, I'm about to lose my mind
    I wrote to the governor, please turn me a-loose
    Since I don't get no answer, I know it ain't no use

    Yes I do have the recording. I'll keep thinking to see if I can find others.


    1. 'Nowhere' by Therapy

      You get drunk every night
      You can't get drunk on life
      Shouting at the world you'll never change
      But it's what's inside you've got to rearrange
      Going nowhere etc etc

      Stay safe and sane