Saturday, 19 May 2018

Perfect weather

Day 1, Alvecote to Fradley

We started the day with the planned car shuffle, and have delivered Uxbridge Volvo to Braunston, returning Bluebird to Alvecote. Bluebird is a different car now, thanks to the new (actually not at all new) auto box which Jim bought me for Christmas.

We set off in Chertsey at 10.20, and tied up below Hunts lock at 17.45, having taken it nice and steady. The weather has been perfect, just hot enough, and glorious with hawthorn blossom and rhododendrons. We got stuck on the bottom once, very seriously, and had to beg a tow off after about half an hour struggling. But overall it has been a very pleasant day, and an excellent start to the holiday.


  1. That’s a shame I was aboard Percy the other day, it would have been good to meet up. I expect you are just about opposite us. Enjoy the rest of your trip. ( at least my grass looks tidy )

  2. Looked out for Percy but must have missed you. We will catch up one day!