Tuesday, 23 January 2018

(Mantel) Piece de resistance

I think this is the highlight and the centrepiece of my new house:
 The dining room fireplace...
Fireplace from Newhaven tip (£10), cleaned and restored by Jim - but in excellent condition to start with, under its layers of white gloss paint. Brass skirt thingy from the marquee at Braunston. 'Teapot brown' oblong tiles from the V&A collection (£90 a metre!); Victorian decorative tiles bought on the works outing to Cleethorpes, 2015; oak shelf made by Pete Boyce (designed by me!); brackets by Yesterhome, all beautifully put together by Jim.

I love it to bits.


  1. Home is where the hearth is.... (or something like that, I think).

    Very nice!

  2. Looks perfect (a bloke can't say looks lovely) Top class tiling job from Jim, I like the way he has made a design feature of the brown tiles between the feature tiles. It seems you have a beautiful home in Sheffield which is a really nice city.

    1. My design actually :-) But beautifully executed indeed.

    2. Your have the eye and Jim and the ability to deliver - a perfect partnership.

  3. Hi Sarah,

    The hearth is the heart of the home and yours is lovely!

    Jaq xxx