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Tuesday 3 January 2017

Wot no narrow boats?

Chertsey is on the National Historic Ships Register. This doesn't cost anything, and does, I am sure, lots of very good things, so I shouldn't complain. Quite a lot of narrow boats are registered, and I know some have benefited from the small grants that NHS awards for restoration projects. They also run an annual photo competition, which I have entered, on occasion.

Every year they send me a nice calendar, with a historic shippy picture for each month. This is my default kitchen wall calendar for the year. For at least the last three years, one month has been illustrated with a narrow boat picture - December, for the past two years, because I suppose you don't get too many photos of snow-covered ships out at sea, and, in 2014 October (or possibly September) was illustrated with my photo (fame!) of the launch of Walton. It didn't win or even get commended in the competition, but unexpectedly seeing it in the calendar was far more rewarding.

But this year... no narrow boat pictures at all. Perhaps no one sent one in. I will make sure that I, at least, do this year.

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