Friday, 12 August 2016

Stunning day

Day 20, Goring to Iffley

A stunning day, sunshine and cloudless sky. Now in the Isis Farmhouse (properly known as the pub at Iffley lock) What a pub. Local beer straight from the barrel, excellent food from a limited menu, and later the prospect of folk music. And we have raised a glass to the memory of David Blagrove, having earlier today heard the news of his death on the waterways grapevine.


  1. Unable to find any other mention of David Blagroves demise, if you hear any more (Funeral etc.) please let us know, as he started my interest in canals many many years ago & I would like to pay my respects if possible.

  2. There's a nice photo of you on the Thames taken by Carol (wb Still Rockin')