Sunday, 31 July 2016

Tomorrow the Thames

Day 8, Rickmansworth to Hanwell bottom, 8 1/2 hours

A later start today, as the crew of Renfrew had a breakfast date so we didn't set off until 10.45. I had forgotten - or failed to appreciate - how much I like the lower GU. Far from being the grubby linear mooring I had feared, it's a good wide deep canal with interesting boats, very few holidaymakers, and very largely friendly natives. I'd say it's a strong candidate for my favourite waterway. And you can't beat doing it in a pair of GU boats. Together we have made excellent time and tomorrow... Brentford and the Thames! We're booked out at 12.30... Just about when it's due to start raining. If you look back at the Warrior blog for August 2008 you will see we have some experience of the Thames in the rain.

We have also almost decided to come back via the South Oxford and risk Napton. One of the locks there is narrow and we don't know whether Chertsey goes through.


  1. Ah, enjoy it (in fact you already are...). I trust you made full use of the Fox's offerings? ;-)

  2. Sadly we didn't. I pointed as we went by but no one noticed.