Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Private beach

Here we see Rocky enjoying his private beach adjacent to Chertsey's new mooring. Well, ok, it's the Alvecote slipway. But he did enjoy taking a paddle on those hot days last week (and licking an ice cream, but sadly I didm't have my camera to hand for that). The downside is that it's quite a tricky plank walk on and off the boat for him (unless you're not looking, in which case he'll jump) but he's getting the hang of that too now.

After my trio of turns, I was ready for the challenge of coming into the marina entrance (right in the distance in the photo...), swinging round to the right, then reversing all the way through the marina into a boat-sized mooring between Whitby and the slipway - the extra challenge being to avoid getting stuck on the slipway. And guess what - I actually did it, once again, without hitting touching anything. What a boat!


  1. To be perfectly honest, I did actually touch Whitby, in a planned and perfectly controlled way :-)

  2. As you got it right, I bet no one was watching:-)