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Tuesday 12 April 2016

That's two interesting things in Woking then

And that's if you don't include Britain's first mosque, which I did already know about.
Not only is it the destination for the Historic Narrow Boat Club's 50th Anniversary Rally in August (of which more, much more, anon), but thanks again to Diamond Geezer I now know that it is both the setting for H G Wells's* The War of the Worlds and where it was written.
Makes me want to visit for more than a day!

*Had you ever wondered how to form possessives for people whose name ends in 's', I offer you what I am reliably informed is the guidance of the Oxford University Press, which I like. If the name has one syllable, add an apostrophe and an 's' (Wells's, Jones's) but if the name has two or more syllables, just add the apostrophe, as you would for a plural (Roberts', Humphrys', Papadopolous'). If you think of saying it out loud, it works.

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