Friday, 9 January 2015

My fault

I've finally got round to catching up with Alan and Cath's new blog, for their new boat, Flamingo - and have updated the 'Old Boat' blogroll to feature it. What a fabulous looking boat - and that bathroom looks luxurious to me! I've never seen it before either - where has it been hiding? - but I can't wait to.

Their detailed tales of 'ones that got away' stirred some memories - although to be honest, despite briefly considering maybe half a dozen boats, there was only one other seriously in the frame for me before Chertsey appeared.

Why my fault? Well, in 2013 I enlisted Alan's help to assist Jim bringing Chertsey back from Watford (old story; I had to go back to work). And I swear that it was from that point on that he was re-bitten by the big boat bug.

Well done Alan and Cath, I'm really looking forward to meeting Flamingo.

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