Monday, 5 May 2014

Last wonder

For some reason Blogger isn't letting me comment on my own blog, so in orr not to keep Halfie and Alan in suspense any longer, the last (and arguably least famous) of Rolt's seven wonders of the waterways is the Burnley Embankment on the Leeds-Liverpool. Which I haven't seen either.

The one out of the seven which I have visited - and indeed traversed - is the Standedge Tunnel.


  1. We have only done two:

    Anderton Lift (Own boat)
    Pontcysyllte (Someone else's boat)

    The list certainly favours the Northern waterways, where so far, we have struggled to find the time to get our boats to.

  2. Bugger! My boating mates on nb Sunshine and I have a running joke in which out of the blue one of us will ask the others to name the "seven wonders " off the top of our heads. We usually struggle but once the years have got better through repitition so I knew both. Barton aqueduct and Burnley embankment but haven't been paying attention to my blogroll so lost the chance of fame!

  3. "once the years" should read "over the years" (I hate using this phone to post) and I've "done " all of them except Anderton despite having Starcross moored there for twelve months'

  4. So not the Anchor at Caunsall then ?