Monday, 3 March 2014

Incredible claim

Not really a book review, but it was the HNBC AGM on Saturday, and I was one of two members to take advantage of the meeting's new Lapworth venue, chosen for it's railway station, to travel by train. On arrival I had nearly finished the book I'd brought with me, so had to choose something from the second hand book stall to occupy me on the way home. I settled on Iris Bryce's trilogy of memoirs of travelling the system in the 1970s and early 80s, Canals are my Home, Canals are my World, and Canals are my Life.

These proved to be a pleasant enough and undemanding read, containing nothing earth shattering - apart that is, from the shocking claim made on page 97 of the final volume, viz: 'We enjoyed Worksop very much.'


  1. Mea culpa. A stray apostrophe has deposited itself in my text and on the iPad I am incapable of removing it. I am mortified.

  2. I almost stopped reading, so shocked was I. Almost ;-)

  3. Not relevant to any particular post, I'm just using the mechanism as a 'means to an end'.
    The blog links on the right have 'lost' the section headers, viz; Working Boats (or whatever it was). I have a feeling there was a header at the top that has gone missing as well.
    Of course, if the change was deliberate, this is just to say I noticed!!
    If the change wasn't deliberate I shall be so bold as to suggest the change should be reversed :-)


  4. It's not deliberate and it's only happened in two places - interesting. It's very recent so I shall wait a bit and see if it puts itself right :-)