Monday, 16 September 2013

Competitive streak

The shortlist has just been announced for the National Historic Ships photo competition. There are some fabulous photos as always (here) but I'm a little disappointed that my shot of Walton's launch hasn't made the cut in the 'traditional maritime skills in action' category, particularly as three of the five photos that have done feature caulking, rather than reflecting a variety of traditional techniques like the rather dramatic and rare art of side slipping.


  1. You've been robbed. A more action photo it would be difficult to imagine.

    A completely non-award-winning and non-action shot of Chertsey on my blog today, as we passed in the pouring rain. I noticed Bakewell was up on the hard; are you finally having the long promised work done on the back cabin?

  2. Yes... Jim's doing it. Plus blacking.
    And thank you Adam... I was pleased with it though I think the camera gets more credit than me!