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Wednesday 22 May 2013

The delights of Langley Mill

You have to have a positive attitude, admittedly, but they can be found. One charity shop - Barnardos - where Jim got a fantastic leather jacket; a richly deserved reward for working all those heavy locks yesterday. There is an Asda - without which the Duck-Willows may not have survived, which has appeared since our last visit and seems to have taken over almost the whole town. This is not, in itself, a good thing. There is also still a Lidl, which is special for being the first Lidl I ever visited, where we were amazed at the eclectic range of goods on offer and bought a shower hose for £2.99 which has outlasted more expensive ones by miles. An there is the Great Northern pub, which was due to close this week for refurbishment, but was persuaded that it might be an idea to stay open for the duration of the rally. Only two beers on, but one was Navigation stout, which Jim and Dave found very acceptable, and a decent carvery put on for us at an excellent price. I hear tonight that the rally beer tent will feature twenty one different beers, plus two ciders, and even some lager, so as not to discriminate against those poor unfortunates with no taste. Tomorrow, if we're not too busy building staging in the hold, we may walk up the road and sample the delights of Eastwood.

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  1. Have you found the lovely deli, Basilia, on ,the road before the Asda as you arrive from the boatyard? Their pasties are great, and good value, and they do nice pies and cakes too. In Eastwood we can recommend the Thai place, Great Siam.