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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Why so popular?

Just browsing my blogroll this morning, as I do most days, and suddenly I noticed my chart position has shot up to 18 - or 6 in the blog charts. Now that's pretty much unprecedented, especially as I've been posting next to nothing. So, is the ranking site suffering a glitch, or, unbeknownst to me, has some better known and well read site linked to an obscure old post? I shall investigate...

Surely I didn't get a massive spike just by mentioning Diamond Geezer? 135 page views for that post, as opposed to between three and seven for most - but why? Maybe it's just coming from people searching for DG?

My most popular post ever is the one on the dangers of health and safety, with 940 views - more than three times the next most popular (which was about my Moo Christmas cards). But my very boring recent posts, since the new year, have been attracting around 100 views so far, which again is two or three times as many as the pre-Christmas ones.

Traffic sources don't seem to shed any light on it - certainly neither Diamond Geezer nor CanalWorld Forums appear in the top ten, either for the last month or for all time. So I'm mystified. But how can I make sure it lasts?


  1. Sarah,
    Your recent rise has been mirrored by my site's decline in the ratings! During my brief flirtation with WordPress my ratings soared but that was due to running the two sites simultaneously. (If anyone wants to cheat, that's one way of doing so!) Having deleted the WP site though I've now dropped about 20 places.
    I'm also getting far fewer hits from the link on your site, but that's probably because it's got stuck on a post I made 5 months ago. And if Captain Ahab's reading this the same applies to his site. No doubt all that messing about between Blogger and WordPress is responsible.

  2. Thanks for the reminder Jim - I've updated it back to the blogger address now. You'll certainly get more hits from me!

  3. I'm sorry you don't blog very much these days Sarah. Recently I have been using your blog as a link to the Angry People in Local Newspapers - perhaps some others are too. Marty S

  4. Thanks Sarah,
    You are actually my third-largest generator of hits on an "all-time" basis but have been nowhere for the past month. Interstingly though, the post that your link to me was stuck on pre-dates my fiddling about with WordPress by some months.
    Oh well, it's fixed now. Thanks

  5. Sarah,

    I don't understand how these things work but, for example, I have been returning to your posts in the hope of finding a new entry. It seems to me that many readers will have become 'addicted' to your interesting and well writen blogs and do the same.


  6. Jim
    I thought you had gone very quiet! Link all resolved and up to date.

  7. I keep coming back here to see if you have "come back to life", but admit I've also got a bit hooked on "Angry People In Local Newspapers".
    No substitute for your blogs, but APLN has a similarity to awful TV programs you find yourself returning to multiple times, but are completely unable to explain afterwards why you did.