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Tuesday 1 May 2012

Top tea tips

Thanks to everyone who commented on my tea post a few days ago - and especially to Starcross Jim who didn't just recommend Ridgeways Organic loose tea, but brought me a sample box when we met up on Sunday evening. It did indeed make an excellent cup of tea, and my 50p Droitwich auction teapot is very much getting into its stride now. I am still a fan of Yorkshire Gold though; I haven't done a blind tasting but I think I would be hard pushed to distinguish a bag-made cup of that from a loose-tea-in-a-pot cuppa. In any case, I have certainly learnt a valuable lesson and will never again be tempted to cut costs where the national beverage is concerned.

In other news, I have just posted off my registration form for Braunston. They are hoping for 75 boats this year - in contrast to the 100+ that were there last year. I know lots of people have decided to give it a miss but I hope that it still both goes ahead and is successful. The Braunston show was my introduction to working boats; the scene of my falling in love with them, and thus has a special place in my boating heart. Less loud music in the beer tent would be an improvement, though.

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