Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Birthday goodies

Here are the two things I asked for for my birthday:

A Beatrice paraffin stove - with a wick, so it's easier to light than the primus. I'm sure it has its downsides (slower, sootier) or it wouldn't have been superseded, but I'm pleased to have an alternative (or two, even, as I got an extra bonus one). And...

An Acme wringer - a mini-mangle to complete Chertsey's laundry facilities. I've tested it and it's very impressive.

Those were what I asked for. I also got some things I didn't ask for.. A Canon digital SLR camera (thank you Jim) and an iPad2 (thanks Mum). It's been a very generous year and I'm a very lucky birthday girl.


  1. Happy birthday Sarah. I'm struggling to think of another lady who would be pleased with a mangle as a birthday present. I think Kath would kill me!


  2. It is in fact a wringer, mangles have wooden rollers and are very much bigger, usually floor standing c/w a table top for use in a kitchen/scullery. Wringers are so much more modern, fab and groovy :)